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One Franklin Town for 2008-06-01 to 2013-04-07 (Landlord: Forest City)
Ratings based on 8 surveys, 3 comments
Overall (average of all 32 questions): 4.653.69
Landlord / Tenant Relationship: 4.373.52
Apartment / Property Quality: 4.753.79
Repair Responsiveness: 4.803.54

Landlord / Tenant Relationship
My Landlord...
is concerned with my satisfaction: 4.00004.003.10
uses a lease written in language that I can understand: 4.25004.253.95
can be contacted easily when necessary: 4.25004.253.62
provided me with emergency contact information: 3.62503.623.43
communicates in a prompt, friendly, and professional manner: 4.25004.253.35
keeps promises made in the lease: 4.75004.753.57
maintains the property in good condition: 4.75004.753.32
makes professional repairs: 4.62504.623.37
handles finances (e.g. rent, fees, security deposits) quickly & accurately: 4.87504.873.93
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Apartment / Property Quality
Condition of rental unit
I feel safe in my living space: 4.75004.754.13
Doors & windows are intact, secure with working locks: 4.87504.873.95
Fire safety features are adequate and in working condition: 4.87504.873.84
Building noise levels allow me to quietly enjoy my home: 4.50004.503.63
Walls and ceilings are in good shape: 5.00005.003.60
Carpet / flooring is in good condition: 5.00005.003.61
Appliances work: 4.75004.753.91
Electrical wiring is adequate: 4.87504.873.92
Hot water is sufficient: 4.75004.754.14
Heat is sufficient: 4.87504.873.87
Plumbing is free from leaks: 4.87504.873.86
Paint or wallpaper is in good condition: 4.87504.873.73
Space is free of rodents, roaches, bedbugs, or other pests: 4.75004.753.41
Containers and instructions are provided for trash disposal: 4.62504.623.81
Containers & instructions are provided for recycling: 4.50004.502.95
The space was clean prior to move-in: 4.87504.873.62
There are smoke detectors which, when tested, work: 4.62504.624.10
Outdoor lighting in the front/rear/side areas is adequate: 4.62504.623.91
Exterior lights come on automatically when it gets dark: 4.62504.623.71
Lighting is adequate in common areas, hallways & stairwells: 4.50004.504.15
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Repair Responsiveness
Optional questions when repairs were needed (response time)
Minor repairs? (i.e. small wall cracks, broken hinges): 4.71434.713.24
Major repairs? (i.e. broken appliance, safety and security, bedbugs): 4.66674.663.42
Emergencies? (i.e. plumbing, heating, broken doors/locks): 5.00005.003.98

User submitted feedback for One Franklin Town
Ratings below reflect the average for individual surveys.

this is a very good place to live!
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The landlords have been a little bit slow in repairing the gym and the pool. Otherwise it`s been great.
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Great apartments to live in!
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