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Roosevelt Apartments for 2008-06-01 to 2016-04-07 (Landlord: Roosevelt Partners)
Ratings based on 15 surveys, 5 comments
Overall (average of all 32 questions): 3.983.69
Landlord / Tenant Relationship: 3.923.51
Apartment / Property Quality: 3.993.79
Repair Responsiveness: 4.203.53

Landlord / Tenant Relationship
My Landlord...
is concerned with my satisfaction: 3.60003.603.09
uses a lease written in language that I can understand: 4.06674.063.95
can be contacted easily when necessary: 4.20004.203.61
provided me with emergency contact information: 4.00004.003.43
communicates in a prompt, friendly, and professional manner: 4.00004.003.34
keeps promises made in the lease: 4.13334.133.56
maintains the property in good condition: 3.60003.603.31
makes professional repairs: 3.73333.733.36
handles finances (e.g. rent, fees, security deposits) quickly & accurately: 4.00004.003.92
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Apartment / Property Quality
Condition of rental unit
I feel safe in my living space: 4.33334.334.12
Doors & windows are intact, secure with working locks: 4.06674.063.94
Fire safety features are adequate and in working condition: 3.86673.863.83
Building noise levels allow me to quietly enjoy my home: 3.53333.533.62
Walls and ceilings are in good shape: 3.60003.603.59
Carpet / flooring is in good condition: 3.46673.463.59
Appliances work: 4.13334.133.90
Electrical wiring is adequate: 4.00004.003.92
Hot water is sufficient: 4.33334.334.13
Heat is sufficient: 4.06674.063.86
Plumbing is free from leaks: 3.60003.603.86
Paint or wallpaper is in good condition: 3.60003.603.72
Space is free of rodents, roaches, bedbugs, or other pests: 3.66673.663.40
Containers and instructions are provided for trash disposal: 4.33334.333.81
Containers & instructions are provided for recycling: 3.13333.132.96
The space was clean prior to move-in: 3.86673.863.61
There are smoke detectors which, when tested, work: 4.60004.604.09
Outdoor lighting in the front/rear/side areas is adequate: 4.46674.463.90
Exterior lights come on automatically when it gets dark: 4.53334.533.70
Lighting is adequate in common areas, hallways & stairwells: 4.66674.664.15
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Repair Responsiveness
Optional questions when repairs were needed (response time)
Minor repairs? (i.e. small wall cracks, broken hinges): 4.25004.253.22
Major repairs? (i.e. broken appliance, safety and security, bedbugs): 3.90913.903.41
Emergencies? (i.e. plumbing, heating, broken doors/locks): 4.45454.453.97

User submitted feedback for Roosevelt Apartments
Ratings below reflect the average for individual surveys.

New landlord; rates have skyrocketed. Moved out, difficult to get deposit back and very hard to get in touch with management agency. Not a bad starter place, but terrible insulation and drains. Maintenance was hit or miss and could go 24 hours without a response to the "emergency" phone line.
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Renewed my lease for a 3rd year. No major issues, generally fast in responding for repairs and problems (of which there haven't been many).
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good place to live. small kitchens, but lots of floor space and closet space. building super is very helpful. be sure to bring your recycling to the curb, as they don't separate at the dumpsters
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Too many problems and too many bad experience with this building. Well, part of the building fall off and crashed a car; then many room have leaking problem or have ceiling fell on the bed; some room have terrible paint smell when it rains; there is an emergence pager number, but no one answered; my oven is not working since moved in, and probably won't be fixed till my lease ends; many electric switch misconnected, I mean, on is off, off is on, no an export to know more about wires; the location is really convenient, but not worth it.
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The apartment uses very cheap fixtures, so sometimes they break, and you are expected to pay for and repair them.
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